Waiting for the rain

The Random Writer
1 min readJul 15, 2022

Probably you know crisis has a greek root

that means choice…

It’s almost night here

it’s the blue hour again

The wind blows smoothly

And there’s a peace in this moment

I wish you could feel

There are no stars, but there was a lightning

Maybe the rain is coming

Or maybe it’s just the breeze of the evening

That merges with the warm the sun gave us today

And in this moment

Hope is here again

Because it never leaves me

Even in the darkest hours

I have a bit of faith in the future

I don’t really know why

But the important thing is I can feel it

And share it with you

With a tiny poem out of nowhere

Writing calls me and I accept its burden

Because I can bear it

No matter what happens

I hope I’ll have more moments like this one

And I’m sure I’ll have them

Since nothing is forever

Also sadness fades slowly

My secret is accepting

This moment

Right now

After smoking a cigarette

Which is not healthy, I know

But the red light at the end of it

Is spectacular to watch somehow

A big hug if you’re struggling

I’m doing that too, these days

But nature is helping me

And I hope it will help you too



The Random Writer

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