The Random Writer
1 min readJul 20, 2022


Through the fire

My homeland, like many others, is burning

Like the hell’s door opened

There are bombs in the ground

Left there after the war

Exploding now

Picturing the apocalypse

Like in an horror movie

Except it’s reality

Brave humans are fighting

While I see the smoke coming

I’m still far from the fire

But for how long, I’m wondering?

I can breathe it

It burns down my lungs

My throat is on fire

I’m not crying

But tears fall anyway

Along with ashes

Looks like it’s snowing in July

How long before those in power

Choose to invest in green resources

And not in guns, bombs, wars we don’t need

How long before they open their eyes?

Will they, eventually?

Can I still dare to hope?

Because oddly I still do

I still believe in a better humanity

I still believe it’s possible

But reality is kicking my hope

And maybe I’m just a fool

We have only one planet

That’ll survive with us or without

And all these questions haunt my mind

And maybe they’ll never stop…



The Random Writer

I’m a teacher. I’m trying to learn how to become a real Writer. I share my journey in here. Please, feel always welcomed. I live in Italy.