Thinking about Iran’s victims

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2 min readJan 8, 2023
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Dear Reader, hello again.

Today I’m thinking about Iran.

I admire how BRAVE are the ones who are protesting the regime, knowing they’re risking not only their freedom, but their LIFE.

They are executed, one after another.

They are tortured.


And why?

Well, for sure not because God wants it.

I can’t believe how the leaders there use God and religion to legitimize violence.

To me, it looks like all they really care about is their own power.

Religion is something that teaches us moral and ethic. Usually, at least in a monotheistic religion, God is love. God wants us to love each other and help each other. God wants us to evolve as human beings and step in a spiritual dimension where we can grow and accept each other’s differences.

What’s happening in Iran, instead, has nothing to do with love nor acceptance. Nor God.

What’s happening in Iran is the opposite of what religion should teach us.

I believe that, if there is a God, the victims of this violence are already in Heaven and the perpetrators of the violence are paving their roads to Hell.

So, since I can’t do much other than write, I just want to pay my tribute to the victims.

Brave souls,

your sacrifice is not in vain.

You inspired everyone to step up for what’s right.

Brave souls,

you saw injustice and didn’t accept it.

You saw tyranny and didn’t accept it.

You saw violence and didn’t accept it.

You are heroes to me.

Brave souls,

don’t lose hope: change will happen and you will be remembered as the ones who made it happen.

Brave souls,

the rest of the world is by your side.

You will not be forgotten.


If you want to leave a short comment or tribute to the victims, be my guests and thank you a lot.



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