Sunset & melancholy

I’m smoking a cigarette, out on my balcony. The colours of the sky blurry one into another, the moon is already shining here and two black crows flew by to say hello.

A giant tree looks at me, now that I touched shore, after the rollercoaster the ocean put me into. It’s there, breathing, indifferent to me, as Nature always is.

Going into my solitary kitchen, a tiny mess still waits for me to put some order in here, as I’m the master of my home and the slave of the universe.

Emotions raise and fall all the time, with kindness and harshness, waiting for me to come alive again.

Breathe they say, keep breathing: that’s life flowing inside and outside of your being, you won’t be here forever.

So I’ll accept the price of the gifts I carry, I’ll accept the mood swings that sometimes touch me, I’ll just accept and surrender.

My editing still waits for me, since my job is taking me away from it; but I still remember her, I still remember the character I created, the struggles and the fears I put her into.

I’ll let her inspire me and carry me out where I need to be, someplace I still don’t know.

Sometimes, my home are the clouds. Like them I look from above on the rest of the world, seeing the good and the bad of it.

Sooner or later, Hope will kick in again, as it always does. I’ll let music be my Caronte, but it’s not hell I’m heading into. I don’t know what happens after the moment I’ll die, the only thing I know is I promise myself I’ll make my life worth living.

Wish all the best to you if you’re reading me. If you feel me, let me know.


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The Random Writer

The Random Writer

I’m a teacher. I’m trying to learn how to become a real Writer. I share my journey in here. Please, feel always welcomed. I live in Italy.