Spring or fall? The IPCC report and thoughts

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3 min readMar 30, 2023


It’s pouring.

Here in Italy it’s spring, but this cloudy sky remembers me of the first nights at the beginning of October: the lights dimming while the sun is going to hide itself behind the half of the world where other souls live.

Souls far from mine due to geographical reasons, but close to my heart and soul despite the distance.

Lately, a huge bad news reached us: the IPCC report on climate, based on scientific research, that thanks to a journalist whose name is Ajit Niranjan (you can find him on Twitter, look for @NiranjanAjit) I know has been “watered down” by the lobbies that play a huge role on our possible extinction. These lobbies care just for money, and don’t really care about our future… even worse, the future of our younger generation.

I still have to read the whole report. For now, all I know is that we have a chance to get out of the possible nightmare that expects our specie if it keeps going toward the wrong direction.

Technology and science, in fact, gave our specie the solution on a silver plate: green energy resources.

If you really think about those, about the power of the wind, of the water, of the sun… well, it’s amazing how our specie found a way to have energy without destroying our common Mother: Nature.

In fact, with these kinds of energy, Nature gives us what we need as well as it gives us what should be free and available to everyone: air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat.

It’s a way for us to have everything we are now used to have without harming other species and, as a consequence, ourselves.

Also, Science proved that it’s even more convenient, economically speaking.

Everything that holds our specie back is in the hands of those who are rich enough to not care about all the rest of us.

So, tell me: do you think it’s fair?

Do you think we should close our eyes, distract ourselves with our devices, and let them do whatever they want?

Do you think they own our planet and our lives?

My answer is no, no, NO.

I refuse to think they will prevail.

I hope and sometimes I even feel that we will.

With small steps, small changes, we can be a melody in our planet’s harmony. Everyone of us can, and most of us are already.

The lobbies, THEY have to change.

They need to accept it, and if they won’t I wish we’d find a way to force them.

They need to understand that if they keep going like they do the consequences will hit not just us, but also them.

Going on this way is incredibly stupid.



We have just 12 years. Science talked.

I pray that in 2023 science will be listened to… and not treated like it was treated in the Middle Ages. I’ll say just Galileo, and I don’t need to add anything more.

TWELVE YEARS before the crisis evolves into irreversible change.

Our future is at stake: I hope that everyone reading me realises that, numerically speaking, we are more.

WE should decide.

THEY should listen.

Sometimes, the line that divides utopia from hope is really thin… yet, we HAVE a choice.

We can choose spring, and blossom in a new world and society, or fall and accept to fade as if our specie was never born.

Life is not granted, life is not forever: it’s just a random parenthesis in the middle of the Unknown.

Our planet will be here with us or without.

Twelve years. CHOOSE.

With love,




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