I hear the Sea calling me

Back in Ancient Greece, seems that a wise man (Herodotus) once wrote: all flows like a river.

The concept is linked to Time.

Our time, in fact, is liquid. As a river, it flows without us being able to control it. This has been a dream for a lot of science-fiction readers and writers. I bet some Researcher ponderate it with a scientific interest and eye.

But we can’t control it, as far as we are now. That’s why it flows like a river: when you look back, you realise how everything had a reason to be. From the worst events to the better ones, everything makes sense.

Sooner or later.

Anyway, my river throw me into the sea. The waves, here, are wonderful: the sea is never still.

Sometimes they grow big as a mountain. Under the surface, by the way, it’s another story.

It’s a bit scary to feel the sea, I’ll admit it. But it’s calling me. It’s been so long, I don’t understand how I can feel it only right now.

I don’t know where this will lead: all I know is I’m so lucky to be on vacation again because…I’m finally back on my editing. Wish me luck. I feel like I need it. :)


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The Random Writer

The Random Writer

I’m a teacher. I’m trying to learn how to become a real Writer. I share my journey in here. Please, feel always welcomed. I live in Italy.