Big changes come with a bit of sadness

The Random Writer
3 min readSep 23, 2022

Hello there, hope you’re all right and if not… a big hug to you, wherever and whomever you are!

Here, a lot of changes are happening… in my life and country.

When something changes, maybe we feel a bit sorry about what we’re leaving behind. Maybe we’re a bit scared about the unknown future.


About my country, elections will happen on Sunday and I’m worried about the results… because very few politicians, here and all around the world, really care about the environment, human rights, civil rights… you know, those things that really matter to a lot of us are used merely as propaganda.

But I’ll go to vote anyway, to honour the ones who, in the past, fought for this right that sometimes we take for granted…

So even if it’s really hard to choose, these days, I took a decision.

Democracy is at stake, after all, and maybe you’re familiar with the concept of ochlocracy, that is something we’re living even if not everyone of us is aware of it. I just hope not to lose democracy, not completely. Not its seeds.

Maybe I’ll write more about it, sooner or later.

About my life, I’m about to change home. I’m both thrilled and scared about leaving this little home I always considered as a sea port. I have a lot of memories into these walls I’m about to leave, both good and bad.

There are problems here and there, in the process, but I’m confident I’ll make it through it just because I really love hope.

Many memories are about to come too, who knows if good or bad… I’ll just hope for the better. We’ll see.

For sure, I’ll miss eating supper looking at my drawings hanging in front of the table.

Fall begun today, little leaves are dancing all around in beautiful colours, carried by the wind, cheering our human sight.

Shivers are coming, one day after another.

My new little pupils are cute, energetic and smart. As usual, they let me see the beauty of life even when I’m not able to look at the bright side. I need to be patient with them, but after all patience runs in the blood of every artist.

To me, as many others, teaching is an art too.

Probably during the weekends I’ll also manage to write: to be carried away in my personal world, that I hope to be able to gift also to people, one day.

Oh, artists.

We feel emotions so strong that I’m still amazed on how we manage to survive to them.

But we do, most of the time.

Happy equinox to you all and a lot of love… and thanks also to technology, that makes us able to connect and feel less alone in this mad world.

Cherish nature enjoying a walk, if you can. Breathe it, take care of it… before it’s too late.

When nature gets mad, in fact, we realise how tiny and weak we truly are… as the universe tries to teach us, every time we can glance at the stars at night.

Big hug again and sorry if tonight my English stutters a bit…



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