A random writer, a smartphone and the third draft

The Random Writer
2 min readAug 31, 2022

I’m very happy we can write with our smartphones again!

It’s been a while since I last wrote here.

Summer is almost over and school begins again.

I’ll enjoy teaching to first graders, this year. They love stories. I love telling stories.

What could possibly go wrong?

There are clouds here, grey soft stains into the blue sky.

My third draft looks like an eternal process, right now. I don’t know if sometimes it happens also to you, fellow writers, but during my third draft… the story changed.

It didn’t change completely, but there are new parts that weren’t there before. Something in the first draft made a zombie reappearing as it lives its new life into the third draft.

Everything I read about editing is that you should cut parts of your first draft. Yet, that’s not the only thing I’m doing.

Sometimes it feels like the book is writing itself, as odd as it sounds.

Most of the times, anyway, it’s all a matter of words.

Every word has its sound and its beauty, but not every beautiful word belongs to a sentence. Editing, I think, has something in common with music: it’s like the words create a harmony, or a dissonance.

The good thing about this experience is that I’m really enjoying the process. I have no real dead line, right now.

I noticed that all the darlings I’m killing are strongly defined by the emotions I felt while I was writing the first draft. Emotions that were so strong that, at the time, crippled the real story I’m telling without me realising it. I wonder if it’s happening because I’m narrating in first person or if it would have happened also if I’d narrated in third person.

Probably, feelings get their way into every opera an artist creates.

Guess that’s the beauty, in being an artist.



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